No one is an Island unto themselves unless something went terribly wrong - Self Protection.. adding more layers to the onion.

We only have the ability to add layers or isolate,

Husbands, Wives, Or The Ever Will Be's...,

God Gave To Adam..., Then Adam Gave Away...,

 The first attack on the new first couple was from Satan to lure them away God, from safety and togetherness and protection and ownership and dominion over their surroundings to just the opposite or chaos.

 We can start from here to see a little more behind the scenes to hopefully help couples help each other sooner than later.

 We're learning not to run from what God has put into our care but to let Him show us how we can subdue it by His Power and Love.

 God gave to Adam the Garden and to cultivate and keep it. And under God's covering and authority Adam was to rule the Garden and to guard, protect, and cultivate it. And at some point it would seem that Adam abdicated. And God didn't give that responsibility to Eve, and didn't equip her to be able to handle the whole thing but to help Adam to not only be an even better more complete Adam because even God said it wasn’t good that he be alone and so both of them together represented the nature of God more completely, as well as more complete versions of themselves as God intended or envisioned them to be.

 Things got turned around somehow and Eve was enticed to eat of the wrong tree and also gave to Adam who apparently was with her at the time, and he ate also.

Adam, Eve, And Tree...,

 Garden Paraphrase: "Eat of all these other trees freely - and we can grow closer together and hang out, and I will help you understand what I've given you and how to subdue the whole thing together with Me. And I will help you with all that's in the garden, and Life will be added to Life." But don't eat of that one tree of the knowledge of good and evil because when you do, you'll pass through a door that I can't follow until Jesus comes to pay your price..., so in the meantime you'll be more separated from Me, My Love and Life, and I will have to kick you out of the Garden. And instead of unity with your wife, you'll have a tendency to be competing with each other and instead of seeing things differently together in a complimentary way and in a joining way, you'll see things differently in a competing way or dislocated or out of joint way.

The Fix...,

 After they ate, they became slaves to death and slaves to themselves in their own self orbits. They lost their true selves and began living something less than they had before. Satan had sold them a separation away from being Free in The Source of All Life, and they were enticed away from God's protection and they became slaves of themselves and subjects rather than king and queen. And God would have been irresponsible after the fall to have allowed Adam and Eve to find their true selves again without God's Help. But on the flip-side,  Jesus comes thousands of years later and reconciled them and us with Himself and to find our true selves in Him. It was such a loving thing for God to allow them to fall and not let them find their way back on their own, but basically the unspoken was ("OK, you can run away from Me, but you'll be a slave to your false or anti-selves and I will put such a hunger for Me in you and also for your true selves with no ability for you to fill or satisfy that hunger until Jesus comes later, so you'll be forced to come to Me for the keys and when you find Me because I will find you first, and when you let Me in, I will give you Life Again, and I will also begin to introduce you to your true selves which are for safe keeping in Me until then, and I will even come knocking when that time comes."
We've been slaves to our own self orbits ever since the fall, and Jesus earned our way out of that and back to freedom in Him. So when we invite Jesus in, He starts to reveal Who He Really IS and also He begins to introduce us to our true selves in Him. He's not conforming us "away" from our truly unique selves (which "religion" does), but away from our false conforming selves into our unique one of a kind selves inside Jesus. And He plants a New Garden in our New Hearts, and a Re-Dominion over that Garden.

 There are a whole bunch of people trying to take dominion but without God and without His Authority, and yet there are some people in the church who are with God who are taking new ground God's way while yielding to Him and His Love, but many more are still being awakened or needing to be found by Jesus.

 So inside the home, the husband Loves (or can Love if He submits to Jesus), and that Love overcomes but only as He submits to Jesus. The wife Loves more easily or seems to come better equipped to Love but of course she needs Jesus too to overcome some other things, and she also has her own relationship with Jesus and her own special giftings and talents, and as wife is also specially equipped to help her husband be more complete and function better in his new found role as husband. We can explore this later, but for now it's good to know that Jesus is leading us back to "Together Again", more like Adam and Eve were at the beginning than we were before Jesus came into our lives.

Looking For The 300!

Jesus Feeding Sheep With Himself Not Religion...,

Equipping the Saints...,

 By letting God be God and believing Him that we are not. And continuing to let Him be The Builder, The Author, And The Finisher. We're not the builder, we're not the co-builder, we're not the architect, we're not even the general laborer. God's bringing everything, and yes, He sends us out into His fields, but it is God Who Wills and Does in us for His good pleasure. Also He IS Lord of The Harvest and He's the Parent in the relationship, we're not. And we're not the parent of our own lives either. So let’s stop pretending that we’re the parent as if we’re somehow more than Children of The Most High God, or as if we could even make ourselves into anything. We are all but fatherless children without Jesus letting us in by His Power and Love and Grace to All that receive Him. And remember, a saint in God's Eyes is one who has accepted Jesus Offer, and so sealed for the Day of Redemption by The Holy Spirit, and then God sees us with the same Righteousness as Jesus had, even when He was on Earth, and He sees His Faithfulness rather than our unfaithfulness. It's not an easy concept, but lets just say He starts with the finished product of perfection and works backwards and since He knows what He's doing and He even sees the finished product before He finishes any of us, then He Alone can treat us as if He was done. So it's not that we are different than anyone else as far as good or bad or deserving or not, it's only that we have let Jesus in by giving Him what He wants, ourselves by agreeing with Him that He IS Lord and we are not. Anyway, more on that later. Just didn't want you to think that we're special because of behavior, but rather because of simply letting Jesus in by letting Him roll the stone of our hearts away, and so by Him doing that by our permission, He can come inside for the first time and death exits pronto the space that it no longer is comfortable remaining in etc. Death is actually more afraid of Jesus than we are of Death. So Death was swallowed up by Life. So again, Death is more afraid of Life than we are afraid of Death.

Helping People with Perspective:

 By letting God change perspectives and helping others to see that He's doing that.

Drink and Bread and Meat for the Common man, as well as the rich or afluent if they will receive Him:

 Jesus IS Living Water, He IS The Bread of Life, and to do the will of The Father is Meat, but it's The Spirit of God in us by His Grace That does the works. Paul said "I ran better than the rest, yet not I, it was the Grace of God that was in me." We accept Jesus Offer by letting Him in by asking Him in, then He begins the process of conquering our hearts with His Love. Some would say that it's a different process. But there are many examples of The Holy Spirit drawing or wooing the hearts of men and women followed by an invitation followed by a long process of Jesus breaking our will but not our spirit. He conquers the areas of our hearts that we didn't even know existed. But He does it with His Love by His Spirit. So Jesus Really IS All that He says He IS, and All that we have heard and read about Him in All of HIStory in the Old Testament and The New. And yes, He wrote History, and all who want to go along with Him History Always smiles on because Jesus (re)writes that and them into the story as well as us if we are willing. History is replete with more rulers and the powerful in the worlds eyes that have thought differently. Like Pharaohs, Kings, Queens, Herod, Caesars, Czars, and you can name them all, but they're never remembered in the ways that they tried to make themselves gods. And that's a God thing..., He always sets the Record Straight, and if not sooner then later.

 CLICK the Link below to find out how He deals with our wayward hearts not by force but by His Love> 


What God's Not Looking for:

 He doesn't seem to be looking for more people to "carry" the torch, or to "run" the race or to "act" more like Jesus. He seems to have far too many already that are trying to be more like Jesus but yet keep Him out because they don't want to want to trust Him, and they don't want to want Him, so they don't allow Him access to or into their lives and loves. So there are far too many trying to "control" their relationship with God while also trying to "control" their relationships with others too. But God is the Only One in the Universe with any Control at all. And to the degree we submit to Him (by His Own Working in our lives and slowly usually painfully baby steppingly learning to trust Him) and ipso facto we begin to walk in His Control but it’s according to His Will in this space and not our own. For when we were seeking our own way(s) and our own “control(s)” “over” whatever..., we found that wasn’t control at all and we were only walking in our own delusion(s) being deceived and deceiving others. And so the control He gives us isn't control "over" others or even circumstances, but "self control" and even that is on loan from God by His Spirit. And that kind of self control gives the ability to fall under Jesus Authority (True Authority) rather than our own authority (which is nothing). And these are His Fruits in our lives not something that we have done. Our job is that we let Him do it and let Him in more etc..., but make no mistake, He is doing the Work, and Grace is Running the Race. 

What God IS Looking for:

 God isn't looking for more people to "do" stuff. He's looking for more kids to adopt, for The Spirit of Adoption says come, and it is Jesus that gives us the power to become the children of God. That we would be known by Him that He would put His Spirit inside of us to translate Him to us so that as He reveals Himself to us personally and individually, that we might actually know Him, not just somebody else's concept of Him. So He's looking for more fountains...., vessels willing to let Him empty them of themselves so He can fill them with more of Himself and so that He can flow through them..., Torrents of Living Water to give drink and Bread and Meat to a starving world that often isn't even aware that they're starving for Real Nourishment. And they’ll come to drink and eat and be satisfied by more of Jesus. And when He leads you into the fields, the fields begin rising up to meet you and the ground or harvest yields its Increase. And in the process of being lost inside Jesus, He introduces us to who we really are in Him and who we were meant to be. No one ever finds their true selves outside of Jesus. So He's looking for Torches and Salts and Lights, but where He's The Torch in them, He's The Seasoning in them, and He's The Light in them. It's Jesus, it's All About Him and it's not about us. In The Volume of The Book (Bible) it is written About Him and "For" and "To" us but not about us..., it was written about Jesus and about what He did and does and will do in spite of us and what He does through those who let Him, showing Himself Strong. 


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You Made IT This Far...,

A Good Place To Start (if you haven’t already)

 It can be hard to know what to pray when first starting out or thinking about it. I talked to a lady at a restaurant last year and when I told her she could ask Jesus into her life she was surprised that she could even talk to God. So led her in a prayer. It wasn’t quite this one, but this is a good thing to say to Jesus at the start if you’re at a loss for words or you’re not sure what to say to Him...,

 ”Lord Jesus, You are God, I am not. Please come into my life and heart and make me whole again. Please forgive me for when i kept You in my imagination instead of letting You show me Who You Really Are.

 Thank You for what You did for me on that Cross, You Alone killed Death for me, because i couldn’t afford my Life.

 Please teach me Your Ways, and transform me into Your Image where i can find my real identity in You, the identity you meant for me to have, that i’ve been looking for but couldn’t find. I was looking for me, but you knew i needed you and so You were looking for me to find me first. Here i am Lord, come in. Thank you for not giving up on me.

in Jesus Name


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