Opposites Attract! That’s Just The Way God Made Things!


God made man in His Own Image, male and female created He them:

 So Boom! Opposites Attract! Adam and Eve were about as different as they could be from each other and still be human and still being made in God's Image by God while being complete individuals while at the same time coming together and becoming one flesh at some deep level. God joined them together at their sanctioned union, the first man and woman, the first marriage. And consequently Adam was the only man on the island so to speak, and he was Eve's man, and Eve was the only woman on the island so to speak, and she was Adam's woman. God doesn't say same spirit, doesn't say same soul, but one flesh. Probably before the Fall, it was likely that their outer selves were like Glory or Spirit, and then maybe their bodies and then maybe their souls? Anyway, they knew each other and became one flesh. And they probably were very much themselves and enjoyed very much each other in an unselfish but totally fulfilling way no doubt, but didn't supersede their relationship with God? Still at this point sinless.


 In all energy that flows, there are positives and negatives attracting, held in orbit, or changing orbits to find balance. And there has to be a difference of potential for current or energy to flow. Plus the greater the difference(s) of potential, as proximity becomes closer, at a certain point, sparks fly.

The Weather:

 High Pressure, Low Pressure, Hot Systems, Cold Systems, Tectonic Plates, Lightning, Thunder, Currents, Winds, Storms, Volcanoes and Geysers Underwater and Above Ground, Tides, Waves, etc..., are all happening around the world constantly trying to balance itself out and no storm or single event would seem to be able to continue indefinitely or somehow to overcome the rest or get out of control in any one spot.

Marriage in general are opposites attracting, culminating in marriage:

 Maybe there's an exception, but I've never seen it in all my travels where there weren't two opposites in every marriage that I've ever seen. So I would suggest that this is the case, and if there are those that think they're the same somehow, then maybe they just haven't been together long enough to discover or be willing to admit that they're opposites.

Share the big news, Some Indications Why:

 Yes, Opposites Attract. And not just in the ways that we typically think etc. So this isn't a formula, more like it just is, and not only to complete each other, but come with just enough similarities and experiences to find common ground, while it's the differences in strengths and weaknesses and personalities and behaviors and habits etc that cause all the excitement and anticipation. Not only are they coming together as to not have the same strengths and weaknesses etc, so as to shore up weaknesses as well as gives the strengths somewhere to go and do some good rather than clashing, while also at the same time the extremes in one are crying out towards the other for balance, and the extremes in the other are crying out towards the other for balance. Just like the weather is doing constantly..., one storm is flying into what will be it's opposite in an attempt to balance itself out, and the calm is there to help the out of control, and the out of control is coming into the calm to keep the calm from being completely bored with itself. And it would seem that no one wants to be on an island with themselves because if that were true then padded rooms and solitary confinement would be places of refreshing continually and increasingly rather than what we see actually happening which is insanity. Plus when opposites attract, the more opposite, the closer they get, when they touch..., Sparks! And I'm not suggesting that we look for differences, it would seem that when it happens, it happens, and they're ending up in our sphere and we're ending up in theirs. Everybody has their own story.

In Marriage Opposites Attract, But in Affairs, Sames Force Themselves Together in Escape Attempts:

 I'm sure this isn't absolute, but I think there is evidence that this is the case. Just pay attention next time you see opposites attracting and what you see happening there, and watch how they come together seemingly naturally, as different sexes, different strengths and weaknesses coming together in a completing or complimenting way, trying to balance each other out culminating in marriage, and out in the open and celebrated and shared.

And then watch under what circumstances affairs happen and see if it isn't two people getting together with same strengths and weaknesses trying to break or destroy something, and largely closed or performed in secret, and see how they have to hold it up themselves in their own strength without help from God.

And please, this is not a condemnation..., and if you've screwed up and you know it, then fall on God's Mercy, Accept Jesus Offer, and He Will Do What Would Have Been Impossible Without Him. Including adding His Life to a mistake, if the mistake has gone too far and cannot be undone. But before it goes too far, please consider God a viable option to get you out of your own self orbits. Jesus IS The Only Way out of you being your own worst enemy, and Only Jesus can get you off your back for All Time.