Throughout History, ALL Other Foundations Have Fallen, Only Jesus Remains.


There is NO Confidence outside of Christ. The only Confidence in the Universe is God Confidence. There is no such thing as "self" confidence, or "world" confidence, or confidence in wood or even granite. Not the moon or the stars or the earth..., for that is all passing away some day by intense fire and only what cannot be shaken or burned will remain which means at that moment when all things as we know it pass away, the only safe place will be in Jesus. Then God will make a New Heaven and a New Earth. Anyway, the Only Confidence that IS Real Confidence is God Confidence.

The Only Foundation

Outside of Him there are no foundations at all. And we're not putting Jesus anywhere. We're not putting Him First, He's already first, He already made all things, He's drawing All Things to Himself and He's drawing us into His Reality, not the other way round. And we're not building our lives on top of Him or His principles. He is building our lives on top of and in Him and we are learning to let Him do that more and more. "For it is God Who wills and does in you according to His good pleasure." And i'm not leaving the other part of the verse out, it's just that we've never built anything good, and we're not really the one's "working anything out", except in the wrong direction. Even all the commandments in the old testament, plus the two summary commandments in the new testament are impossible even to the ones filled with God's Spirit..., for if it is His Spirit doing the work, generating the Real Fruit, producing Real Love, then it stands to reason that we are not in fact doing those things but God is by His Spirit. So He's God, and that means that whatever He touches is either being made more Alive in the truest sense, or is being made more dead if it doesn't belong, or is being diminished etc. So then it's becoming of less and less importance what i do or what i don't do, as much as it is what God is touching, what i'm letting Him into, what i"m yielding to Him, giving Him access to, because that's what's getting changed. Plus i wouldn't even be aware of the thing nor would i have the power to hand it over to Him if He wasn't ultimately The One that was making that possible in me all by Himself. And the only reason i'm learning to go along with that which He is producing in me for His Namesake, (not for mine), is because He's producing that in my life and i'm learning to let Him because He's teaching me how to do that by helping me allow Him more access etc. The message is always more important than the messenger. He's The One that empties, He's The One Who fills up, and He's The One Who pours out etc.

The Only Door

There are no other competing belief systems. Jesus IS The Only Door to ALL True Beliefs and ALL True Believers. Every other belief system and every believer in whatever other door or set of doors only leads to what is false or made up to deceive and will eventually all be exposed as wood, hay, stubble, or sand, along with anything built on top of any and all of those "other" "foundations" for they are not Christ and they are not of Christ Jesus Who IS THE LORD of ALL. But are false doors and false foundations made up from the father of lies and propagated by those who reject Jesus and rather love death. But Jesus is and does do all that He can to reach everybody while at the same time not forcing them to be with Him.