When The Unthinkable Happens:


Denial Phases: (Hot Tip... I recomment just skipping a few paragraphs down below..., "Growth and Solutions"...,) And come back up here after that, or if you're hard or dull of hearing.

 So we pretty much all go from a state of kind of checked out or in our own little world then trouble seems to come out of nowhere, but most times we just weren't really paying attention or weren't ready to yet. But there's that moment, were we say..., "No, this can't be happening!" or "This isn't really happening is it?" But it has arrived, and many times it gets worse before it's gets better.

 Then there's the study part, where we focus on the problem..., "Everybody Else" right?

 Then we embark yet another round of trying to "fix" the problem or everybody else. Right?

Acceptance / Realizations:

 Then we point the finger at ourselves...,

 Followed by another round or two or three of some self correction, but only in behaviors, and usually only to try to get what we want, based still on our own self orbiting motives, or for Pete's Sake, or just because it's "Right", but all attempts are equally futile and everyone else knows that it's still all about you.

Growth and Solutions Phases:

 Pretty much the first stop here, is the realization that we can't fix this, we can't fix ourselves, we can't fix our spouse, we can't fix the kids, the family, or the other parties involved that have somehow been overtaking us..., whatever it is we can't fix it, nobody else that we've tried or could try can fix it..., and we're in way over our heads and we couldn't even see it before.

 The next good place or stop is on our knees realizing what fools we have been trying to build our lives our own way with our own resources and realizing that for the first time, that's not enough as apposed to the illusions that somehow it was all good enough or that we were doing pretty good.

 All the places in this box or section are for the players, not the actors. Here is where we realize that it's actually a Huge Grace that God brought us to this place where we are finally ready to yield to Him, to cry out to Jesus, to ask Him into the thing, or the people, or more importantly into ourselves, into our deal, into our mess. And maybe for the first time we're ready to be shown that it is in fact a mess, and that we not only need more help than we realized, but that we need The Maker of All Things, Jesus Himself, Redeemer and Lord. That there is no one else that will do. We cut to the chase. Somehow we know that there's only now One Name That Rolls off The tongue out of the innermost part of our hearts cry. Jesus, please help.

 And He shows up, He does some things, He takes some time, and usually a lot longer than we think He should, but then we start to see that everything that He does Sticks, it Takes, it Goes In. And The Love that He has that we have been missing is taking hold and taking over and bringing all the necessary ingredients for Life and Godliness and Grace.

 Wow, the religion to pretend to fix without letting Jesus in part didn't work, but Jesus isn't about that, He's about transforming and changing everything and everyone He is given permission to access, to touch.

I think "religion" is code for acting, but meeting with the body of Christ should be done often.

And that can be in houses to large buildings to outdoor meeting places.

It's just huge difference when Jesus is Knitting together the body of Christ than when we try to.

The Power and Love and Grace is in the yielding..., yielding to Jesus. He Alone IS King And Lord.

The Storm(s)...,

All Sorts of Storms..., and They Hit Different Areas and Blow Over and Through What We Would Just as Soon Have Been Left Alone - The Way "We" Left Them..., but maybe they're Testing the Connections:

 So they always hit when we least expect them, and always at a time that we would rather them never have come at all, but certainly not when they did come.

  Maybe the storms keep showing up to test the connection(s) and to keep testing the connection(s) and keep calling and keep trying to connect... and the storm(s) keep trying to connect to Jesus through you and through me as the connection point(s) to Him. So that what is out of control can meet The One Who Can Calm It.

 And surprise..., Jesus keeps allowing the storms so that we can have a better understanding of Who He IS to us in those storms. And not much point in Him leaving us the way we were, disconnected from Him. And if we are connected to Him, then even better…, because we get to see Him Tame and Master and Mold Every Storm to make it do just as He pleases and we can see Him work and what comes of it and what comes of all of them…, to bring His Rule and Reign into the thing that wasn't or isn't "under" or "connected" to His Authority (all things are already, but He desires us to be included in His Connection to the world that desperately needs Him to help them but they might not be aware just how much they need Him and need His Help) because every storm knows it's out of control (just like when we are out of control, we know it) and the storm can't help itself, and we can't help our storm(s), so they're seeking out their purpose, and their purpose just like our storms are there to meet Jesus so that everyone can know Who The Tamer and Master of Storms Really IS…, so the storms are going around checking all the connections and all the non-connection points. Every storm knows who Jesus is, and they're trying to convince us Who Jesus is too.

They're Testing All The Areas and Relationships In Our Lives:

 So the storms keep informing us that we're either connected to or disconnected from Jesus. And if disconnected, then the storm(s) overwhelm and overtake us..., but if we're connected, then eventually the storm(s) are overcome..., and overwhelmed..., because the storm(s) find Jesus on the other end of the line in you and in me, and we get the benefit of a better connection with Jesus and being able to see the benefit and purpose(s) of the storm(s). In fact when any out of control whatever it is, meets up with the child of God that has Jesus inside, if their understanding of how Jesus has worked in the past, if understood that He did the taming of the thing or circumstance, if that's been going on for awhile like it was in David's life, then when the Big Storms come, you already know how this plays out, so you look to Jesus sooner, and more directly, and the storm(s) instead of being the main thing, become the vehicle that gets us closer to the Main Thing, Who IS Jesus, and everything begins to fall into place, but not the way we want them to, but the way God wants them to, and He shows us up close and personal just how much better He does everything than when we thought we were doing it.

A Connection Waiting to Happen...,

 So if we're disconnected from Jesus, then we can't see the purpose(s) of the storm(s)..., not even after they've come and gone, and we think it's all about the storm(s), while the storm(s) know it's All about God doing something, we just didn't get it because we didn't have Jesus, or enough Jesus, or we didn't know Who He was in our lives..., but now we're finding out more Who He IS and who we are in Him.

P.S. FACT: Jesus will overwhelm the storm(s) After they fulfill His purposes in our lives.

"Many are the afflictions of the Righteous, but the Lord delivers them out of them all."

 And remember, we're Righteous because we're in Jesus and we belong to Him if we have accepted His Offer, not because of our "righteousness", but because of His Righteousness.