If We Could Get Ourselves Out, We Would Have Already, Right?

Like Looking in The Shop Window Staring At What's In There Never Being Able To Access What's Inside:


 The earth is in the sun's orbit and science as well as even our own reasoning knows deep down that the earth has no power of itself to get itself out of it's own orbit from around the sun (and that's a good thing). And just for the sake of argument, the earth would need a greater force than itself to get itself out of orbit. So too we are born into and locked in an orbit around ourselves in our own self orbit, self absorbed (and that's a bad thing). And with all the arrows or lines of flux pointing inward with no way of escape by any action or system that we could ever exercise. And no created being has ever been or ever could be strong enough or good enough to ever get us out of that. It takes a greater than ourselves to come in and do what we could never do for ourselves. That's why religion can't save us, only Jesus can and does, and He is not a religion. Most people get Judaism and Christianity confused with religion, but Jesus is the Central Figure, He made them both, and He IS The Author of both the Old and New Testaments, but all who came before Jesus birth as Son of God and Son of Man had to believe in then future Jesus, and we who are born after Jesus came get to believe in already came Jesus. So if we're in charge of it, it we're doing it, even if we're using God's tools, it's religion. And if it's coming from us, it's rebellion from the start with no way of turning that around, even if we're using God Made Tools, if it’s without The Shed Blood of Jesus, then it cannot save us. The Law has no power to save, only to reveal the difference between what's already there and Perfection (which no one has ever achieved except Jesus Himself.) The Bible can also be a preview of things to come or a representation of what God is doing in your life, but the operative word is “He’s doing it, not you. And we all know the difference between memorizing and when God writes something on our hearts by His Spirit. So Religion is me trying to cage the beast. But Jesus coming in by permission..., He comes into the cage, changes the nature of the beast and then opens the cage. That's not religion, that's Jesus going to the deepest place inside of us and then from that deepest part, from the inside out producing or growing what we were trying to do before but it wasn’t working because we were in the ”system” and not yet in Jesus because He wasn’t in us because we hadn’t accepted His Offer yet. He's The Only One that can change our core from what it was, to what it would have been had there been no Fall in the first place. Then Jesus comes in and speaks to or touches the old man and he is mortified, mortal, and is dying now from the inside out though remnants of the old man may be visible all the way to the end of one's earthly life, the New Man is being renewed day by day, and both the old man dying and the New man becoming more alive are happening at the same time. Religion is where the old man is still alive and well and regardless of all the attempts to change the outside to conform to Jesus, still the unchanged core keeps showing up screaming in rebellion that he is unchanged. Jesus by His Sacrifice and consequently His Love on display that we can invite in by inviting Him in has already overcome that rebellion and He is Who we are inviting in, not a what, and not a “system” or “set of beliefs”, but The Person of Jesus Christ, God, not just looking like a man, but Fully God Fully Man became sin on a cross and rose again so that we could become the Righteousness of God. So in God’s Account we have the Righteous of Jesus if we let Jesus in, and then everything starts to change and He begins to take more ground so to speak as He is able to subdue what we were never really able to before, but now Jesus is accomplishing on our behalf as He makes His way towards the center of our previously uncharted universe so to speak in that “who can know it” place we call our hearts. And if explore further and reread the headline above: "Like Looking in The Shop Window Staring At What's In There Never Being Able To Access What's Inside:" So we glossed over it even though it was implied..., that a possible reason that we can't access what's in store window is that maybe it's closed, or maybe we can't afford it, or worst case is we don't even know what we're looking at or even how to access it or how to use it or how it might be of use to us or others, or all the above. So as far as our "Inner man" or "inner woman" is that Jesus Was and IS The Only One That Has Been Able To Pay For The Cost of Admission Into You or Me As Far As The Core Is Concerned. So He Paid, And Only He Can Access or Change or Modify or Make Alive Again The Core of Each of Us. That's why some are changed and others are not. Because the ones that let Jesus in are being changed for the better, and the one's that didn't or haven't let Jesus in are not being changed and what was dead or broken is still on display having not yet been Born Again by Jesus or been passed through the birth canal (which IS Jesus) by The Holy Spirit. Some try to come through some other way, but there's only One Way Through Jesus and That's Jesus by His Spirit by Faith in Him we Receive His Grace that passes us through the Canal Spiritually Speaking. So then God The Father sees us who belong to Jesus and The Father Is Pleased with us because when He looks at us, He sees Jesus Blood All Over Us, indicating to Him that we have passed from Death into Life.

Greater IS He (Jesus) that is in me, than me!


 You’ve heard what’s Jesus said, and it’s true..., “Greater IS He (Jesus) that is in you, than he (the Devil) that is in the world.” And Jesus said of Himself “I have already overcome the world.” So He also said that the world will hate us as it hated Jesus Who Lives in us and sent us out into the world. And so basically whatever is coming against us is coming against Jesus in us and has already Lost.

 There’s another good word that i like to think about...,

 Greater IS He (Jesus) that is in me..., than me...., or greater than even my own heart. That says a lot doesn’t it?

 Isn’t that what you’ve been looking for??? The One Who saves you from you??!! Has there been any other that you have found that can pull that off?? Really??

 Don’t you want that kind of Salvation that could never come from mere religion??? That can actually save you from the clutches of you?! Jesus does that with every heart that has ever let Him into the house.

 Who am i to say that God can’t restore a broken marriage? or lead the wanderer back home? or deliver from a wicked boss? or to even save and redeem a wicked self absorbed boss? while at the same time preserve us and our families in the process? How can i say that He won’t? I’m not big enough to say that.

 So i will just have to believe God when He says that He can do anything, that Nothng is Impossible for Him. And that He Loves me and cares for me and for my family and for others that may or may not be confused about not just a few things?

 So we wait for Him. We lay it all out at His Feet.

 “Lord, Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”

 “We worship you Lord instead of the hard thing. We know you are working this season of Difficulty for our Good, and You are establishing Your purposes and Your Greater Plan in and through our lives just like you Promised, and just like You Always do.”

 ”In Jesus Name, Amen.”