Honor for Honor's Sake? (Hopefully Not)

 The world is short on Honor. Some cultures have honor down better than others. Some honor life more than others, and some honor their parents and ancestors more etc...,

And some cultures even try to outdo each other or bow lower or serve deeper and longer or to be more hospitable than others, or even to outgive others etc...,

But Jesus was Honorable before He made man (male and female) in His Image. So without Him, there can be no honor because He is the One Who came up with it.

And lets be honest, to try to outdo others in anything is rather self centered anyway, and many times it’s honor for honor sake.

So as we covered earlier, Love Is The Most Powerful Force in the Universe, so then it makes sense that True Honot comes from Love, and through Love, and therefore is not self seeking but seeks the good of others, even at the expense of self.

Plus, Love says without It, no act is profitable for the one performing it if Love is not producing that act.

So True Honor comes from and operates through Love, and Love is from God, and God IS Love, and Love has a Name..., Jesus IS His Name.