We're Not Making Ourselves Disciples and Discipleship Is Not a Program.


I think there are many many self disciples or disciples of self in the Body of Christ. But very few disciples of Jesus. There are many things that disqualify one from this privileged place of Grace and in order to be one of these, it's not that one needs to make sure they Love God more than they Love all others, or that they walk the talk so to speak. But rather that they've let Jesus in, and that because of the work of His Spirit, we are made Alive to God again, and He unveils more and more how it's Jesus and His Grace that does the work. And He is working that out in us by His Spirit. As a work of His Spirit, by His Spirit He produces fruit in our lives and one of the most evident fruits is Love, and that Love is a work that He does and is a manifestation of the Spirit of God. And that Love continues to overtake every place that it is introduced or let into. So it's a natural progression in the Child of God for him or her to be overtaken by Love as Jesus teaches them to trust Him more and give Him access to more places and consequently He produces in us a Love that puts our affections in order and whatever or whoever is under His authority willingly, they are being transformed into His Image and Love for God is a fulfillment of what God does in us, not something we're producing but rather responding to His Love and letting Him fill us up with more of Himself. Love really isn't produced by us and doesn't come from us. For God IS Love, and Love is of God, and they that Love are born of God and Love God. But make no mistake, we've only failed at that to the extent that we've all tried, but it happens more and more or it becomes more and more evident the more yielded we become as God takes us deeper into this journey that He has us on here in this life.

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It Matters Little That We Call Ourselves Disciples of Christ, But That He Calls Us Disciples.

Qualifications and Disqualifications

Faith Comes from God:


Your "Aha" moments are happening when God is revealing something true followed by you transferring your trust to that thing that God is showing you or revealing to you. Then it becomes Living Faith and then it's just a matter of time before you act on it. But in reality, you're believing it because of Who's bringing it to you. Whereas Dead faith would be that you believe in a truth, but you haven't added your or transferred your trust, and Real Faith is Relational, Trust is Relational, but a simple belief in truth alone doesn't have to stem from or lead to relationship. The demons believe that Jesus IS The Christ and tremble. So it's possible to believe in God and even be in awe of Him and not commit. But keep it simple, pay attention to whether or not you're letting Jesus take you deeper, because He will. That's where He's leading you and me and we're learning to let Him. Faith comes from God and is grown by God, it's moving the mountains in you before you're letting it work through you to move mountains outside.

Love's Favorite:


Love knows Who It's Connected to and favors The One That It Comes From..., so in other words, if it's Really Love in you, then that's God in you, and as He gets bigger in you, and takes up more space, then He's drawing you closer to Himself in that process, and Love is really the License or Sea that True Authority and The Ability to use the Gifts of God are inside of. For without Love, none of it profits us, and that's why wherever God is, there is Love and Liberty, for it's impossible to not know the Spirit of The Law if The Spirit of God is there and if The Spirit of God is there, then Love will be there and Love Conquers All, which means if Love is in a space, then It's taking over that space and that space is increasingly glorifying God, and there is No defense against it. So Love's Favorite is God and It's at Home in Him, but it isn't anywhere that He isn't, and it's never truly working autonomously apart from Him. So if you love father or mother of son or daughter etc more than you Love God, then that just means that you're not there yet. But let God take you deeper and He will show you how everyone you care about is safer with God than kept tightly in your hand or heart without giving them to Him. And if you can't do that, then you're just confused, so let Him get you past yourself, He's the Only One Who Can.



Most want the benefits of The Shepherd, but they don't want to be owned by The Shepherd. Whatever we own personally reflects the owner. This is self evident, Just look around. Anywhere. So it makes sense, that whatever Jesus owns by permission, then they will reflect The Owner more and more as time goes on. But not the job of the one(s) owned to conform themselves, that's silly, but because The Owner puts His Expression into whatever He owns. Simple, right? So if you've been stuck making it all about you or extensions of you or expressions of you, then let Jesus into you, and that will change, He will make sure it does. I can't overemphasize that it is The Work of Jesus that makes all these things happen, not we somehow using Jesus to accomplish something. I'm not doing something with God, God's doing something with me, and I'm learning to let Him do it, and learning to trust Him more, but He's leading me into that, not that I'm somehow leading myself there. And the more and deeper we're found lost in Jesus, the more Jesus introduces us to who we really are as individuals uniquely made in the Image of God.