You can be in prison on the outside while free on the inside if Jesus is in there wherever you are.

Freedom on the outside even in luxury is a caged prison on the inside if without Jesus in there.

The Question on everybody's lips (chapped lips)

The question isn't whether or not Jesus IS The Only Way...,

Of course He IS..., but rather the question is really much more simple than that..., Which One has ever been left standing while all the others are dead and gone and weren't even able to save themselves? Is there more than ONE? There are no others. Just Jesus. And Jesus didn't have to save Himself. Death was never going to be able to keep Him in the Grave..., but only long enough to accomplish the momentary death of Jesus Body so that He could really be a Sacrifice for All, but only because Jesus gave His Life up for us all. And He came to get us for Himself (and Salvation was a byproduct and necessary to that beginning)..., And without us in Mind, there would have been no other reason for Him to come, but to separate us from Death and from our sins and Stain as if the Fall never even happened for all who Believe Jesus and accept His Offer. And when Death was dragged kicking and screaming onto that Cross by Jesus Himself, His Life (which is in Himself) swallowed up Death Forever along with the penalty of sin for us all if we let Him Pay on our behalf. And Ownership follows, and His Ownership puts us in His Pasture and no one and nothing is ever able to snatch us out again because He IS The Door of the sheep of His Pasture. Again, many want the benefits of the Good Shepherd Jesus without His Ownership, but that's just silly..., let's stop arguing with Life Himself.

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Forms of Slavery:

Enslaving Others Keeps You Enslaved MORE:

Enslaving others by force or by other means is still enslaving:

 Whether it's by force or by some other means, those who enslave others are twice as much slaves as the ones they seek to enslave. This is a fact, but all too often people think or imagine that they have some "control" over others by force or by money or by some other means. Yet they themselves are even less human and more enslaved than the ones they are attempting to control. This is a sober lesson that most never learn. Bullies for instance are more insecure and more out of control than the ones they are bullying. Extortioners are more extorted than their marks, pimps are more stuck than the ones they so call "manage", and employers who take advantage of those they employ are taken advantage of more than those they take advantage of. Drug dealers are more enslaved than those that they enslave by the products they push. You name it, there are so so many examples of this principle, and It really is like that. And we all need Jesus to save us from ourselves. And none of us can save ourselves. And there is not one single example in all of human History of anyone (not even one) that has ever saved themselves. And there is Only One Who came to save us all, and Love Has A Name, and His Name IS Jesus.

Free People Free People:

 Truly Free people don’t enslave others, but help others get free.

 Only Slaves make more lesser slaves, but that means that the one(s) enslaving others (or trying to) or are attempting or leading others into some form of slavery are even more and deeper enslaved themselves, and even more out of control.

 Nobody gets free on the inside except by Jesus. So let Him set you free from slavery or from being enslaved, and you’re your own worst enemy in that regard, so let Jesus save you from yourself, you will need that more than you might know right now.

 So work hard, (with heart) as unto The Lord, and with what The Lord gives you or sets before you. And when it comes to worship, save that for Jesus..., this is where joy comes from and that’s where it’s stolen from if you worship another. So Love, but save the bowing down part for Jesus, He’s The Only One that deserves it or you. But to bow down to another, especially a tyrant in any mask, leads to bad places, and no price is worth that in this life or the next. So if you have bowed down to another..., then bow down to Jesus, and let Him rescue you, ask Him to, you won’t regret that.


 The Problem with Tyrannical Masters or Employers is your view or twisted view of your worth, or maybe it’s convenience or lack of faith, or security, real or imagined..., but if you stay too long, it’s like the frog in the pot one degree at a time. And the tyrannical master doesn’t care if it spends the frog to death, for they think the frog is there for their consumption.

 One of the more significant lessons i have ever learned in this regard was that once there’s a line you can’t cross that you’ve run up against..., once you’ve picked the Hill you’ll either stand on or fall on, once the trauma and shock of free falling (so to speak) is over, you are floating (on the inside) into God’s Hands, Freedom to Breath, and Relate, and communicate ensues. It’s like if you stand there, not able to go further, that if you gonone more step that’s a step too far in the wrong direction, that Jesus meets you there and stands with you, for you. And when you choose not to bow down, when you’re under authority but not bowing down to that authority, when you’re working for the money worshipping boss as unto The Lord and not to man, but not bowing down to the boss’s love of money, then God fights for you in ways that you may have never known before. We can submit to authority without bowing down to it. There’s a difference. And all i’m trying to say is there comes a point when God is your source, and it’s time to not be moved by circumstance or a petulant child boss. But be careful that you know you‘ve submitted to God and aren’t just reacting in your own strength. Prayerfully commit your way(s) to God, and He will deliver to His desired shores, and He will Masterfully Orchestrate all of your seasons. Let Him teach you how to trust Him all the way. He’s worth it. And He’s proven Himself and continues in every way.

Other Forms:

Financial Abuse:


  So we’ve heard about physical abuse, sexual abuse, substance abuse, addictions, mental abuse, character assassinations, human trafficking - and that one in particular covers them all doesn’t it..., but how about financial abuse? How about being violated financially, there's a word for that, and I’m sure financial abuse can‘t be compared to some other forms of abuse, but there can be so much trauma associated with financial abuse, and it seems to be “legal” in so many of it‘s abusive forms..., it can be very insidious. I can see how these fit..., "For the love of money is the root of all evil." And "you cannot serve both God and mammon (money)" Of course money isn't evil, it isn't really anything at all. And money can be a great servant but a horrible tyrannical master. And it takes many captive because so many are defenseless when they refuse to let Jesus in, so they're subject to their "out of controlness" and their fears, and their abandonment regardless of how many people they hurt. And financial abusers are always driven by their fears, as are those who are subject to financial abuse, because both sides don't let Love in to cast those fears out. And no matter how much money they gain, that's why it's never enough, because both greed and fear are insatiable. So the one's that do the abuse financially can't free themselves because they've given themselves over to the money, to be it's slave, and everyone they do "business" with, they try to bring them into that same place. People who worship the same god money. And then the natural product of that is that people become optional or just objects. I know this is a foreign concept to so many, but it's true. People are treated like cattle. But again, money isn't evil, it's just that the fear of not having enough causes people to do some pretty desperate things. I’m not sure many people know what happens when they bow the knee to money and end up worshipping it, how they become what or who they worship instead of God...,? How they become non-relational beings unable to feel or relate. But when we worship God then He saves us from who we were, however twisted and sets us on solid ground instead of the sand that we were trying to build on before, when we were using people and being used by people. So He turns all that around and turns us back into relational beings able to feel and touch and relate with God and others. Then the money dorsn’t Enslave but becomes a resource for good rather than the people just being resources for the getting of more and more money for money’s sake. See the difference?

Many people play this game so well, and there are a thousand ways that people do the most despicable things with money. So to be violated by someone using money against you, we’ve all been there, disillusioned, or promises that were made weren‘t kept, and betrayal can be a reality and we don’t often see when someone is taking advantage, but many times the one(s) taking advantage know exactly what they’re doing and where things are headed, especially if they’ve been used to having money for awhile. All in the name of “smart business”, but at what cost??? Money should never be more important than people, but those who traffic in it in abusive ways know what it does and they know what they’ve done to people’s lives personally by abusing it’s influence on the unsuspecting or downtrodden. So trauma and all that goes along with abuse, can come by way of money or financial abuse. Then the abused can even then seek out “abusive“ financial relationships or dependencies just like can be twisted in other forms of abuse like sexual or physical or substance or mental abuse. So financial abusers, and serial financial abusers, also people can prostitute themselves in other forms for money as well. So you could add all of that to the list of addictions and addictive behaviors. And Remember, Jesus can and will deliver you from every addiction whether it’s an addiction to abuse or be abused, even the addiction of money and the compulsion to take advantage of others or be used by it. Also keeping in mind that he who rolls a stone on another, a stone will roll back on them. And you that enslave others (NEWS FLASH) You Are Already Twice The Slave by any means that you have enslaved anyone that you’ve ever enslaved or taken advantage of. In Fact, what you’ve been doing to others is just a symptom of your internal state, and you’ve just been doing what you thought you had to do to be “in control”, but you’re out of control and you don’t have the control you thought you had, and you didn’t have the upper hand you thought you had at all, but the under hand and underhanded. For The Only One with Any Real Control in the Universe is Jesus, so ask Him in to help you, and He will set you free on the inside and then you will be an Agent of Freedom for Jesus, instead of an Agent of bondage and slavery for the other side that has been tormenting you these years and treating you badly. Let’s talk about internal growth..., Hardship and even extreme hardship brings with it huge growth opportunities..., whereas lives of ease, Especially if by way money if by taking advantage of others, have little or no internal growth potential though outward growth or financial growth may skyrocket. Internal “growth” of the one’s doing the damage are actually diminishing inside and their hearts shriveling even more than they were before. It’s almost like a hidden Law of the Universe that not many are paying attention to. So it is with all those so called at the top who take advantage of others and trick them for their own gain. While those at the bottom, or between the rock and the hard place, most while they don’t even comprehend or know what a Huge opportunity for growth they are between..., and also a very very Secret and virtually untapped growth opportunity that is to Love our enemies and do good to those who use us for their own selfish purposes. And we must be careful not to judge them because we leave that up to God, for Only He can change hearts so we pray for them and Love them but only with God’s Love is this possible..., that’s the rub..., in order to have God’s Love working on them and from the inside of us, He basically requires we give up our rights of retribution and judging all together and just let forgiveness flow from Love as it is a natural byproduct of Love and Love Actually runs ahead and forgives ahead whether or not any offense is ever committed at all or even repeated. God always keeps His part of the bargain so don’t be concerned with how or when He chooses to do that, just rest in Him, in His Love and care for you regardless of what you see going on around you or to you at the moment. I’m not saying stay in a bad situation if you can get out..., but just know that God might be doing a bigger thing than you had imagined so press into Him, Lean into Him, and you’ll learn some things you couldn’t see before because He’s now giving you access to and opening your eyes to His perspective and His Power and Love.And so if you can Love, or more importantly if Love can use you as a conduit even in the worst of circumstances, then you’re on the road Paul took, and his contribution to our walk with Jesus was and is just so so huge, because Love was operating through Paul in such deep ways and such deep currents that it is basically unparalleled since then, and all because Jesus apprehended Paul in such a deep way and Paul went along with that. And now look what we have in the New Testament because of Jesus in Paul. So don’t waste the Hardship Growth Opportunity. And try and see that those around you acting selfishly aren’t growing on the inside but are diminishing and that kind of diminishing is really bad, because if they continue, it won’t end well for them and they’re losing more and more of their real selves and real potential. Wheras if you will let Jesus work in you, you will find yourself more into Him and Him more into you, and you'll be more like Paul, because Jesus is doing the work in you rather than you anymore. Plus, ALL THE MONEY AND ALL THE POWER AND ALL THE AUTHORITY in the world of the world cannot defeat a man or a woman on their knees before The Maker of ALL Things, Jesus. For Greater (far greater and it isn’t even a contest) is He that is in you if you are one of His, than he that is in the world and all their forces and influence and money put together are no match for just one that let’s Jesus take them all the way with Him. The only question now is how long will it take, and in what form, and whether or not Jesus will deliver us on this side of eternity or choose to do it on the other side. But that’s up to Him isn’t it? But in the meantime, let Jesus rule and reign in your mortal bodies and you will Be Truly Free on the inside and no created force will be able to take away that inner freedom that Only Jesus can bring, and is not dependent on circumstances or people or anything else, not even you.