Who Love IS:


God IS Love, and Love is of God, and they that Love are born of God and know God. So that means that i can't misuse Love, or keep Love from Loving, because Love Conquers All, and there is no defense against Love..., so then i'm not doing something with Love, it doesn't come from me, Love's doing something with me. It IS a fruit of The Spirit of God.

What Love isn't:


Love isn't a feeling, although it can produce feelings, Love isn't a choice, although it can woo and influence choices, it can't be copied or emulated, it is the manifestation of The Spirit of God, and without God, Love is not manifest. Love isn't something we're somehow picking up off the ground or pulling out of the air or finding it somewhere, it finds us. Love isn't something we can use selfishly or with self in mind. Love's not even really something we can give away as much as It's giving us away or is flowing through us at our own expense or sacrifice, but we do yield to it, to it's awesome absolute power, but has to be God's Spirit, for Love, Real Love, is never disconnected or autonomous from God, it flows from God.

Love Persues more than it is Persued:


This is pretty much Self Explanatory..., we have all known ourselves to be in a place that we couldn't get ourselves out of and we couldn't even move towards anyone that really Loved us before they came to us and Loved us anyway etc. God sought us out, way before we ever began to realize that we were seeking Him out.

Love doesn't Push or Pull, It Gives and Receives:


Love doesn't push or pull (in general) it gives and receives, but in God's case, He gives us His Love and we open to Him to receive it and then He can channel it through us the more He gets us out of the way so to speak.

Share The Big News:


You don't have to ask Love to Love, It does all on it's own. And if it's hidden for too long, then it's more about self than of Love, so those who don't Love don't know God and know self more or are filled with self, and self's pursuits. And this only brings confusion. If Jesus is truly inside, then eventually Love will overtake the space and will start to pour out as Jesus deepens the relationship the more we let Him etc...

True Reapers:


We have been set free by Jesus and are free from reaping what we have sown, and we have been given an amazing Gift to be able to reap what Jesus has sown for us on our behalf by Him. So we are True Reapers and we get to go out and help bring into the Kingdom as many as possible into that new reality, but has been Jesus Reality all along.

Love IS Always...,

Love IS Always Operating, but never operated. God IS Love, Love IS of God. We’re not doing something with Him, He’s doing something with us. We’re not doing something with Love, Love’s doing something with us. We’re learning to let Him because He’s showing us how to let Him and that we can trust Him and that He IS Trustworthy for He IS our Shepherd and The Lover of our souls.

Love isn’t a convincing, even though it’s convinced about it’s intentions.

 Love isn’t a convincing, nor does it need to be convinced. It Rules the Day and the Night. And Love IS where everything else isn’t. And where Love can walk into a space, all lesser things always either accept It’s Preeminenc, or bow to or submit to Love, or run from it. But to run is to misenterpret. So we either let it in or we have lost before we begin. And we’re not talking about earthly love.

Close the deal

 Love will become the Medium in which you operate if you let IT, but that won’t be without your expense. For Love seeks to absorb what doesn’t belong so that It can operate more freely, but not by force, by permission.

Love Always Does what self can not do. For Love, it is from God, and God IS Love:

Vessels of Honor in His Hands:

 Love Always Does what self can not do. For Love, it is from God, and God IS Love, therefore wherever God is not, Love is not there. Of course we know that God is everywhere, that’s not the point, for we know that even though God is everywhere, Love is not operating everywhere. I’m only trying to suggest that whenever we’re in charge and we’re trying to manifest Love ourselves, then that’s not really the definition of a vessel. So then maybe that’s not Real Love no matter how hard we “try” to make what we’re doing or not doing look like Love. Because it’s not coming from us, yet we can be confused about thinking somehow that God’s passes Love to us and then we pass it out to others..., not so, it’s God Himself coming with Love and it’s operating from Him, by and through His Spirit. Love is of God and is connected to Him and He to it. Wherever God is not working, Love is not working. So He teaches us to yield to Him Who IS Love, and Love passes through and we become vessels of honor in His Hands. I’m not saying we shouldn’t step out in faith and see where it leads, just don’t think it’s you doing the work or the Love, because it’s not really, but it’s God and He’s taking you along for the ride, not the other way round. He’s bringing you, because He’s already there.

Fear is More the Absence of SomeOne rather than the presence of fear:

 Some have said that energy doesn't really diminish in the universe, it's just continually changing states. Fear is kind of like that, we have no natural defense against fear. And no matter what we try to do to get rid of it, it only changes states and morphs into other forms that become evident later as if it were taunting us that we didn't really do anything to it, but that it's alive and well etc. As God begins to take over the space, Love expands and casts out fear. All the best plans and even the execution of those plans perfectly, doesn't get rid or fear. Just kicks fear down the road like a plaque, and in a sense, fear is like a plague and the only cure is Jesus, but even though He is the cure, we aren't completely free of fear until we go to be with Him. But nonetheless fear really is swallowed up by LOVE. Real Love, God Love. And Love is always at least a step ahead, and never lagging, and never reacting. It's Always in control because Love conquers All, and there is no defense against Love, only to run from it, reject it, or to accept it, but there is no defense against it in the universe and it has never been diminished in any way shape or form. Love just IS. Period. Going up against Love is like being against The One hanging up there on the cross to save you from yourself..., you can't conquer it, but you can tell it to go away and be stuck in your own strength forever, but Love will still save, redeem, and reconcile with everyone else that receives it by accepting Jesus Offer.

The Fear of The Lord swallows up all the other fears one by one. Kind of like Moses serpent eating up all of pharaohs magicians serpents. Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world. Perfect Love casts out fear.

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Faith, Hope, and Love, these three remain, but the Greatest of These is LOVE:

Faith, Hope, and Love:


True Faith is Relational

True Hope is Relational

True Love is Relational


 And in the truest sense, we're not doing something with faith, faith doesn't come from us, isn't grown by us, we didn't even give ourselves ears to be able to hear it coming or calling, and we certainly didn't give ourselves the ability to do anything with it..., that all comes from God by His Spirit as a Gift to us Through Jesus The Door. And certainly we didn't give ourselves the eyes of faith to where we could see what has yet to be seen for which Hope plays a part as we will see.

 And in an equally true sense, we didn't come up with the idea of Hope, and in fact we were All "Hope Less" before Jesus came along. So Hope comes from God Also, and we didn't come up with our ability to do anything with Hope, nor did we give ourselves the ability to recognize it when it came.


 So of course it's safe to say that if Love doesn't consider itself or seek itself, so then it doesn't come from us either. So if God IS Love, and Love is of God and comes from God, then we're not producing it, and we didn't give ourselves the ability to receive it or recognize it when it shows up. And if we didn't need God's help to be able to recognize it and receive it, then none of us would have trouble recognizing Love which is God in the Flesh, Who IS Jesus, but the truth is we do need His Help to even be able to recognize Him and to be able to receive Him. Thus the fact that you are reading about Him now. And many many go to hear about Him, many many go to read about Him, but very few taste and see that the Lord is Good, and you have to open for that. And the reason most don't open is because they don't want to give up control because they are under the illusion that they have some control, and that if they give that control to Jesus that they'll maybe lose whatever ground they think they've gained over the years. But they are confused because all that they have built themselves only Jesus can really do anything with, so if they put that all (and themselves) into Jesus Hands, then they will never be disappointed in what He does after that. Or have you not known that only Jesus can make your crooked paths straight, and only Jesus can give you back the years that the Locusts have eaten, even if the reason was that you caused those years to be lost, doesn't matter, only Jesus can give back what was stolen even if you went along with all that at the time. We didn't deserve any good thing from God, and we certainly don't deserve His Life that He gives us, so too we don't deserve Him giving us back anything that we have lost, but He's the Only One That Can. And so if you're trying to get anything back, you're already over your head, let Jesus do it for you. Why don't you give Him what's left of you right now, and what's left of your life and see what He does with it. See what He does with what you couldn't handle when it was in your hands.

We could add to the list if we talked about The Fruit of The Spirit in Galations 5.

 All of These Fruits don't come from us either and therefore aren't generated by us, but by The Spirit of God.

So Then...

 We're not really doing something with God, He's doing something with us. We're not really doing something with Love, Love's doing something with us. We're not really doing something with faith, faith is doing something with us. We're not even really doing anything with patience, patience is doing something with us. And the list goes on as you can well imagine. So letting God in to do for you what you could never do for yourself or anyone that you care about, is always a very good move on your part.

Share the Big News!

 You won't really need incentive or someone to tell you to share, because once God really moves in your life and in others around you, then you'll be even more convinced that it's not about you, and that it wasn't you who does that, and you'll be able to say with a straight face and a converted heart that Jesus really is Lord and He has no limits to what He can do if you let Him take over. The problem before was when we treated Jesus like a religion and so we were going around basically trying in our own strength to become more like Him instead of just letting Him in to do for us, in us what we could never have done on our own or with us being in charge so to speak. 

Rest In Him

 Once He really gets it to you that He's doing it, then you'll be able to just rest in Him, knowing that He's got this.

"So faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen."

 But all of this is offered by and made possible by Love and through Love. In other words, Love is offering a way out of just being able to see the world or any of our lives through our own bodily senses, and Love brings in other possibilities or a way out of and the ability to see and act on that way out. But the way out is really the way in. Many focus too much on Salvation, but Jesus came to Save us "To" Himself, for Himself, All by Himself, and so the Salvation part is a big part, but it's only a means to an end. Salvation was necessary to reset us back to Adam and Eveness, or to original state, but Love comes to get us past that to Salvation and Eating of The Tree of Life all at the same time. Wow. So Love IS Jesus, and He went to All lengths to demonstrate that Love and is still doing that, and offers that to you and to me, and in part by you being able to read these pages and get to this point in The Story. The Bible is kind of like the story that never ends, where another reality is coming in and transforming this reality to it's more Real Reality, or in this case Jesus Reality. So this "perceived" reality that we are swimming in right now (and that the whole world is inside of) is always always giving way to Jesus Reality, and that's never not been the case, even though it might have taken great efforts by God to be able to get us to see more clearly as He already does. Anyway, it's ok to admit that we don't know everything and to admit that Jesus was right and we were wrong. But that's not the end of HIStory. And He wants to include all of us in it if we will let Him.