Grief AND Grace

Come To The Table...,


Only Some Come:

 Out of everyone i’ve ever seen or known about..., the ones who truly have Grace, no matter how deep the pain or loss, had to give up their hold or grasp on what they lost or was causing them pain, and get that to Jesus..., and He gave them more Grace and that Grace even put them closer to what they lost in a good way, in a new way, in a more complete way! Plus they got deeper roots and better connection with Life and The Giver of Life and Love.

Be Included:

 The ones that don’t want to or don’t feel like they can go there, because maybe they think if they lose or even loosen their grip on what or who they lost, that somehow even their memory or the memories that they had together will be lost even more than they are at the moment..., or maybe if they don’t keep hold of the loss, "well..., who’s gonna pay!?”. But these hold on to their pain and grief, and get to “manage” it alone, desperately. And no matter who comes to help, if they’re only human, then their help only goes so far and only so deep and for only so long..., and for these, Grace is elusive, and it’s kind of a rebellion, or playing God, and even keeps them farther away from what or who they think they Love(ed). Also i have met some that have lost a loved one and they kept the memory of that loved one hostage as a wall between them and God (and His Grace).

Breakfast Is Served!

 So The Bread of Life is already at the table of your pain. So sit down and eat, for Breakfast is Served, and it’s maybe been a long time, and all who have no money, come and eat, for He has enough for us all, and personally. Plus He already paid for your loss, it doesn't belong to you anymore. Unless you really want to keep it. He won't force you, but i promise, He does amazing things to whatever is given to Him. And just because we let go of our "hold" doesn't mean that God can't or won't complete the transaction and give us even more and fuller in the process and even get us to higher ground even more in-tact, and even with better and greater memories, so let God be God, for He Loves us and He has ways and methods and power that we don't know until He shows us or does the thing. And how will we know what's on the other side of that transaction until we are willing to accept what we can't see but is in Good Hands. Fact, what's in God's Hands that we can't see, is way way better that what's in our hands that we can see. Take the leap, He will catch you.