Runaway Brides

What’s to be done with the Runaway Bride? As long as she keeps running...


Possibly she’s running because something is wrong on the inside that she is attempting to run away from and she misinterprets the intentions of the groom because she's staring at herself, or looking at her reflection through what she imagines the groom sees rather than what he sees which can be two completely different reflections etc.. Adam and Eve were the first runaway brides and in a sense, they misinterpreted Jesus intentions. We can only speculate on what happened in the Garden at the beginning, but would like to propose that Adam and Eve were created perfect in form and without sin or any kind of "cover up" of their own until they one rejected God's Offer, and two ran from Him and into the arms of the Deceiver by taking the other offer so to speak. So lets assume for a moment that Jesus was courting them but was a slow reveal and that process hadn't completed itself yet and they hadn't fully chosen Him or fully received or accepted His Love for them. So it would seem that they only knew God in a provisional way and only beginning to know Him in an experiential way or personally. So what did Adam and Eve do when they realized they were naked? They attempted to add a layer of fig leaves to cover up or add layers. We wear clothes and so we should, but when they covered themselves, they were going from God's covering to one of their own design with whatever they could get their hands on that made sense to them after the fact. So it is possible to layer our hearts with layers of perceived protection that most likely begins very young in our lives to attempt to shield ourselves from pains of various forms. But just like Adam and Eve, they couldn't undo what had been done and they couldn't unlayer the onion, they could only add layers, so too we in our hearts can only add layers, we too need Someone Greater than ourselves to come in and uncover us. His Name IS Jesus and He is the Only One that has access to or can reach the core, the deepest part. And yet, He is a perfect Gentleman and He will not come in by force and He will not make you be with Him by force, we let Him in so to speak. And even if we don't have the strength to open the door, even if we feel trapped and think we can't reach the door knob of the inside of our hearts, we just cry out to Jesus and He can turn the knob and come in, but our hearts have to cry out to Him combined with our will going along with that cry. Now He does all the work, He woos our will but we get to agree with Him and invite Him in. So simply put, Adam and Eve stopped running, and accepted Jesus offer of Him coming in the future and paying the price for what they had done, so believing in future Jesus (God in the Flesh as a Man) would crush the Serpent's head and they chose to believe God rather than leaning on their own understanding of what they experienced or felt or reasoned at the time. Then they were the earliest Believers in Future Jesus the Second Adam. So too we get to believe in Jesus already come but it's the same faith that Adam and Eve got from God to use in God's direction to save them from themselves and what they had done.

Stop Running


The Groom is always just a step behind, so it's not that we really ever deal with our will on our own, we need help, the trick is to stop running and let Him catch up, because He won't overtake by force because that wouldn't be Love. So just stop running, put down your hands and let Him explain Himself instead of your imagination running wild. Our imaginations are not reality, but Jesus by The Holy Spirit can reveal bits of reality into our imaginations in ways that no one else can and we can't make Him up, He has to reveal Who He is to us, we're just learning to let Him do that more and more, because it's a courtship, not a force or conquest.

Close the deal


Accept Jesus Offer, and then let Him teach you how to trust Him more and more as He reveals Himself more and more in your life as He builds in you anticipation and more of Who He Really is, not really what you have heard, but let Him prove Himself to you.