ADD / ADHD / PTSD (Jesus Knows Just What To Do With Us All)

It Might Not Be What It Seems:

  This can be a sensitive and difficult subject. And there can be a lot of pain and frustration surrounding this. So if you have a different opinion, or this doesn't resonate with you or your family, that's fine, no worries, lets not argue..., this is a developing concept..., but along these lines:

- our natural defenses “can” manifest themselves in at least a few different ways:

1. Into a smaller place inside ourslelves that we think we can “control” (rather than giving God increasing control).

2. Into a place or from a place of more comfort than we felt “exposed” out “there”,

3. Self is having it’s way rather than the Holy Spirit bringing in “Self Control” which is effectively Jesus Himself coming in to rein in what we couldn’t before in our own strength no matter what the motivation or external stimulus was. Many are just expressing out of control on the inside into their surroundings in outside or external ways. But the goal should never be control for control‘s sake just because we feel ”uncomfortable” or “out of control”, leave that part up to God, He’a an Absolute Genious at “Self Control” and also He is able to bring it in His Way while reconciling the individual, the whole house, the whole classroom, even whole communities and nations together again. Whatever is under Jesus Lordship is reined in by Him, by His Love and Power and Grace that is Greater than All of us combined.

4. Keep in mind that we are every one of us born into some kind of divided house against itself, even in our own hearts divided against ourselves. Unless and until Jesus comes in and reconciles our heart to Him and to ourselves, but not completely one hundred percent until we go to be with Him.

5. One of the main problems or “tensions” is the illusion that the world revolves around us or our loved ones. It doesn’t. It’s time to stop “pre-tending” that’s it does. Interesting word, ”pretending”. It’s based on illusion.

6. No one ever gets free without Jesus setting them free. But "who The Son Sets free shall be free indeed."

7. Just like Adam and Eve, fallen mankind has no natural defense against fear. we just tend to put on more layers to the onion so to speak. But Perfect Love from God casts out fear as the space inside is taken up by Love., God's Perfect Love that comes from Him. Can be through us, but it still comes from Him.


 Prople with ADD and ADHD, especially in the extreme, feel like they don’t fit. They can see that they’re different, and that’s really obvious to them way more than it is to everyone else. They already feel like they don’t fit, and that they’re different, and it’s usually on display. But don’t despair. And don’t forget..., Sometimes what you pay more attention to and focus on just grows and grows. We’ve seen this again and again even in ourselves, sometimes when we’re against something or someone we just make them stronger in the wrong direction. So if you want something to decrease..., try focusing on or paying attention to what you actually want to grow! Look to Jesus, He’s already won. He will help you with that, and with everything and everyone else.

 So you want to be with your kids and loved ones, of course, and you want to introduce them to Jesus and help them invite Him in deeper and give Him access to more of “the land” of our hearts so to speak, and i’m sure you guys are doing that..., but just know that as time goes on..., Jesus is drawing them and all of us deeper inside of Him and the things that used to cling to them and us (and also deeper layers that might not have shown up yet that might just be natural defenses with more self cover-ups so to speak) may be just symptoms of an already mortally wounded old man trying to stay alive, but Jesus is continually mortifying the old man and renewing the New Man inside so to speak wherever He goes in whoever is owned by Him etc. Besides, ADHD is often "Brilliant" that's out of control, or out of "self control" and "self control" comes from God only One Way, by The Holy Spirit as we yield more and more to Jesus. He brings with Him by The Holy Spirit..., “Patience” and a whole lot else, but Patience is what gives us the ability to endure until reconciliation and Love is what reconciles and Grace gives that wonderful space to grow and develop. That all comes from God, so let Him in, He’s bringing All of that and more.

Be Encouraged Regardless and Stop Staring..., It's Anoying and Not Helpful:

 I’m not saying that you’re doing anything wrong, maybe everything right, but maybe some clarification is helpful, so here you go if it helps, but maybe you’re already doing all these things etc, no worries, but here you go...,

your son or daughter or other loved one isn’t defined by adhd, in other words he or she isn’t adhd, but maybe he or she “has” or has had adhd tendencies or behaviors and those tendencies or behaviors are likely (if Jesus lives inside them) mortified already even though remnants may play out over time, but that’s not who he or she is or who they're becoming. For what and who they are becoming is emerging out of or from or away from who he or she was (and maybe possibly emerging from the self covered self protective layers) they're emerging and becoming more hidden in Jesus as Jesus draws them to Himself and as Jesus goes in deeper the more they let Jesus in as Jesus becomes their covering and they become more and more relaxed and comfortable in Him. And some remnants of adhd (even if it remains) will be diminished in light of Jesus and in the times and seasons that God has “In Store” for them out of His Storehouse. He will work in and through them His way and if need be through or with adhd. But it doesn’t define them. And be careful that you don’t stare at their ADHD or somehow put that in between you and them, like a filter of how you see them etc, or how you present them to others as if an excuse for their existence goes before them everywhere they go. And also don’t let them stare at themselves through that lens either, because God’s not doing that. God just sees him or her. And the deeper Jesus goes and the deeper they let Jesus go, those other things that don't belong will continue to fade in preeminence as Jesus overcomes the empty spaces of their heart by His Love. So it was that Moses may have known himself by his “limitations”, Moses evidently had a bad stutter, but God wasn’t fixed on that, and we certainly don’t see or know Moses that way..., God got His way with Moses and Moses's limited view went away more and more in Light of Great God..., so stare at Jesus and help him or her to stare at Jesus and have your relationship with them in Him, and remember no one finds themselves, (not their true selves) outside of Jesus, and no one becomes truly mature on the inside unless and until Jesus leads that man or woman into manhood or womanhood and that man or woman let’s Him take them there. And no one reaches butterfly status without Jesus and no relationship reaches butterfly status without Jesus. And that may be contrary to popular belief, but remember, Jesus was The Only One Who ever had enough to pay for access to the most inner man or most inner woman in any of us. So if you're wondering why people can't make their own inner changes for the better, now you know, because Jesus isn't yet inside bringing in His Power and Love which subdues all by His Love. So if you are having trouble with yourself or your loved ones, you're already in way over your head, and I would suggest getting on your knees and asking Jesus into your mess or any mess, let Him inside your hearts and He will do the rest.

God Really Is Bigger Stronger Love Conquers All and There IS No Defense Against Love:

 God is Bigger, whatever it is.  And He Defines us, and He never leaves us the way we were. and if we let Him in, He Loves us right now in the moment Fully, and that Perfect Love is flooding in, overcoming, overwhelming, straightening, chasing out, cleaning out what doesn’t belong, and uncovering or unlayering us again and again from those false layers. And yet at the same time covers us again and again with waves of His Love so we feel more and more comfortable just being ourselves with out all the layers. It’s interesting how Love separates what remains and belongs from what doesn’t belong. And even though at times some things that don’t belong remain for awhile even as it was in Paul’s case, but was only left there for a greater glory to God etc..., but also there are other times like in Moses case and many others that He takes it away and we emerge new and different. And no doubt we all emerge New and Different, more like Him, yet also more like who we really are and were meant to be just as if there had never been a Fall in the Garden. So over time, we see that He’s able to do what He does in spite of us, and to give us all we need and all the Grace needed in the mean time while He’s working it all out, so we’re able to rest more and more in His Love and Provision for us. And He proves that He knows what He’s doing, so we can trust Him more and more and give more and more of our anxious moments into His Hands and He even does something new with those so we end up trusting Him even more etc.

 Little children came to Jesus, adults came to Jesus, they still do, we still do. There’s a reason for that. He IS Reconciliation. Love Finds a Way where there was no way. He IS Love. He IS Living Water. He IS The Bread of Life. He IS. That’s why people still come, that’s why you’re reading this now. Because He Lives.

Some Closing Thoughts:

We Never Get it or Learn it Until We're Ready, And Until We Do...,

 God is pleased only if and because Jesus Blood is all over us. That’s what He sees when He looks at us. Not because we do or we don't do whatever. However, the evidence of Him being let inside of us, will be that we are being changed, not that we are changing ourselves, but we're learning to yield to His Spirit more and more as time goes on as He woos our will and conforms us into His Image.

And it’s fascinating how God’s Love is Exclusive, Individual, Personal and as if we were each one the only one that He Loves with All His Heart. It’s like He can Love each one of us as individuals in such a way that it’s individually exclusive like we’re the only ones in the room just Him and each one of us by ourselves with Him. And He’s Big enough to be that exclusive with each one of us and fills up our spaces so fully and we can be in Him so fully that there’s no one else, even though there are billions of His kids in History, even until now counted altogether..., and so Fully that none of us are looking around jealous wondering why God is so close to the person next to us or them looking at us and God etc, and yet when we stray towards idols or loving another more than Him, then He can be jealous “for” us so completely and with so much Love that He can’t help but seek to correct that, and with All His Power and Love towards that effort (and for each of us)..., and He woos us and our wills towards Him, so we can choose Him again, and again, and again, and more and more and deeper and deeper,.., and He warms us up to Himself in such a way that we too are smitten with His Love. And even overflows and spreads to even more people as we end up seeking others to come to Him too..., and All by Design, or even ReDesign but still part of the Original Plan.

Wow, what an Awesome God!